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College (Part 2)

I decided to take the foundation programming class designed for those without any programming experience. I took the class to see whether or not I wanted to continue with an IT major. I signed up for a tutor shortly before the class started. It turned out the class was a lot simpler than I thought. Read more about College (Part 2)[…]


College (Part 1)

For my newest post, I’m going to talk about my college experiences. I went to two colleges: a community college first and then a four-year university. I was able to go to community college for free for five semesters because I made good grades in high school. The first two college courses I took were Read more about College (Part 1)[…]


Wyvacon 2017

Today, I attended my first comic book/fandom convention. The convention I attended was Wyvacon (pronounced “wive-a-con”). This year, its venue was Wytheville Community College. I learned a lot, seen a lot of interesting costumes, visited booths, and even watched a magic show at the convention. I arrived early so I didn’t have to wait in Read more about Wyvacon 2017[…]


Amusement Parks

I love amusement parks! Going to an amusement park with my family was one of the biggest highlights of my summer vacation. I remember the long trips in the car playing my GameBoy Advance excited about riding a lot of fun rides. The trips did seem long to me when I was a kid, but most of the parks I went to were only a few hours away from home.

The very first amusement park I went to was Dollywood, an amusement park owned by famous country musician Dolly Parton located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I was a toddler when I went the first time, so I don’t really remember what I did. The second time I went was when I was I believe first or second grade. I remember a few fairground rides as well as some robber car chase simulation ride. […]


Month in Review: May

When May started, I had my very last week of final exams before graduation. I had two tests and two presentations. As soon as I finished my last final on Thursday, May 4, I was so relieved to finish everything. I still had a busy week because I had to pack up my belongings and clean my dorm.

I had the entire day free on Friday. My little and I decided it would be a great idea to spend one last day together. She was graduating that week too. She lived in an apartment and I helped her with moving out. She had an energetic Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mixed dog. He was obsessed with me. Every so often we would walk the dog around the student housing neighborhood. My little and I also ate lunch at Subway. […]